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MP Motorwerks is committed to ensuring the safety of our guests while driving on the road and extending the life of their car, truck or SUV. Charlotte's auto repair shop meets strict standards for servicing excellence and providing detailed estimates and a qualified guidance to assist you in making the best decisions for your car repair.

MP Motorwerks services include:

  • Oil and filter changes

  • Radiator repair

  • Brake check and repair

  • Exhaust system repair

  • Transmission repair and rebuild

  • Engine repair

  • Tire services

  • Tire rotation and wheel alignment

  • Inspection and preventative maintenance

  • Check engine light diagnostics and repair

  • Battery and electrical repairs

  • Warranty programs

Additional Services:

  • Porsche Auto Repair

  • Mini Cooper Auto Repair

  • Honda/Acura Auto Repair

  • Toyota/Lexus Auto Repair 

  • BMW Auto Repair

  • Mercedes Auto Repair

  • Audi Auto Repair

  • Volkswagen Auto Repair

  • Vehicles We Service






Auto Maintenance

When it comes to your vehicle, maintenance is key. Not only will regular tune ups guarantee your safety, it will also add longevity. In fact your car will last much longer if it is properly cared for. At MP Motorwerks we provide quality services and make sure that your automobile is functioning at full capacity.

We use the latest methods, tools and techniques available so that you receive only the finest upgrades. Proper and regular upkeep is important because the slightest of things can cause a malfunction and automatically become a road hazard to you, your loved ones and anyone else on the road.

Complete Automotive Services

MP Motorwerks is committed to ensuring the safety of our customers on the road and extending the life of their car, truck or SUV. Our auto repair shop meets strict industry standards for service excellence and provides detailed estimates and qualified guidance to assist you in making informed decisions for car repair.


Reliable Car Mechanics

Nothing is quite scarier than being on the road, peacefully driving your car to work or the store, when suddenly something happens to your vehicle. Whether an emergency light goes on for seemingly no reason, your brakes start giving you trouble or your car has been in an accident, we can help. Our specialized mechanics will thoroughly check your vehicle for issues and identify the problem right away. Going above and beyond what is required in order to figure out a budget oriented solution to our customers. MP Motorwerks provides full service repairs and diagnostics, working hard to service the community with the best methods available on the market.

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